Experiences In Kerns

Relax and rejuvenate at local spas and wellness centers, many of which offer saunas, hot tubs, and massage services. Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the historic Kerns Parish Church and savoring traditional Swiss cuisine at local restaurants. During the holiday season, nearby Christmas markets provide festive shopping and local treats. Kerns offers a diverse range of activities that cater to both adventure enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation amidst stunning alpine scenery.

Cultural and Local Experiences

  1. Visit the Kerns Parish Church:
    • Explore this historical church, known for its beautiful architecture and artwork. It provides insight into the local culture and history.
  2. Local Cuisine:
    • Savor traditional Swiss dishes like fondue, raclette, and rosti at local restaurants. Enjoying local specialties made from fresh, regional ingredients is a must.
  3. Christmas Markets and Festivals:
    • If visiting during the holiday season, explore nearby Christmas markets. Enjoy festive shopping, local treats, and cultural performances.
  4. Engelberg Monastery:
    • A short trip from Kerns, visit the Engelberg Monastery, a Benedictine abbey with a rich history and beautiful architecture. It offers a peaceful retreat and a glimpse into the region’s religious heritage.

Nature and Wildlife

  1. Lake Sarnen:
    • Even in winter, Lake Sarnen offers a serene and beautiful setting. Take a walk around the lake or enjoy the views from the shore.
  2. Wildlife Watching:
    • Keep an eye out for local wildlife, including ibex, chamois, and a variety of bird species. Guided tours can enhance this experience by providing expert knowledge.

Kerns provides a diverse range of experiences that cater to different interests, whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, cultural immersion, or nature exploration.